Launching the ECGI Community

Launching the ECGI Community

March 25 2019

ECGI is launching an independent engagement and collaboration platform open to all those with an interest in corporate governance. This replaces the ECGI Yahoo list which was established in 2002. The ECGI Community is a forum for sharing announcements, events, articles and opinions. It is highly customisable, allowing users to control the number of notifications they receive and what information they share with others. There is also a mobile app (ios here and android here) which makes it easy to use on mobile phones. The ECGI Community platform aims to stimulate interesting dialogue and collaboration across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. The Community Managers are Prof. Marc Goergen and Elaine McPartlan and queries should be directed to

Here are some useful points to note about the platform:

  • It is not the main communication channel for ECGI. ECGI Members subscribed to our mailing list will continue to receive emails and alerts in the normal course. Therefore, there is no obligation to join the ECGI Community platform.

  • Similar to the Yahoo List, the Community platform is open to the public. It is not a requirement to be an ECGI member, though membership is strongly encouraged.

  • We recommend that you review your notification preferences and profile settings when you join the community. This allows you to choose when you will receive emails from the platform (they can all be switched off if needed). 

  • We encourage you to try it. Tell us if you don't like it. Tell us if you do.


The ECGI Yahoo List will be discontinued from 30 April 2019.

Click here to join the ECGI Community (or click here to log in if you have already joined)


The list encourages contributions on:

  • Conference and workshop announcements on corporate governance and related topics

  • Corporate governance news and announcements

  • Corporate governance questions (e.g. "I am looking for empirical evidence on voting power concentration in Europe, can someone please send me a reference?")

  • Selection of textbooks and other teaching material for corporate governance courses

  • Books and/or papers you have read and you would like to comment on

  • Occasional promotion of your own publications and working papers

  • Ideas relating to research questions, availability of data, project suggestions


The ECGI Community is open, meaning that all community members can view its contents. It is also moderated which means that messages may be deleted or refused by community managers if deemed inappropriate. Re-posting and spamming may result in deletion of your profile.


Joining the Community

To view messages posted on the ECGI Community and to post them yourself, you need to join the Group on the Mobilize platform. Click here for the registration form. Subscription is free.


Engaging with the Community

Some of the things you can do:

  1. Reply from wherever you are - you'll receive updates directly to your inbox and you can reply from wherever you are - just like an email. You can manage your settings if you do not want to receive all notifications.

  2. Log in to your community home - Browse for new discussions, events and tap into community resources. You can also search members, see their profiles and start a private chat.

  3. Be engaged and start new discussions related to your research, business, interests questions or challenges you’re facing. Post details of relevant events that you are organising or projects that you are working on. 


Click here for ECGI Community Rules and Guidelines



Prof Marc Goergen

Professor of Finance | IE Business School | Madrid


Elaine McPartlan

General Manager | ECGI


To join the ECGI Community register here: