Mon 13 July 2020

The inaugural seminar in the ECGI Spotlight Series will take place on 13 July 2020. The series will be introduced by the Chair of ECGI, Professor Lucrezia Reichlin and the Executive Director, Professor Marco Becht... 

Thu 15 October 2020

This event is co-sponsored by Stockholm School of Economics, the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF). It brings together senior academics and thought-leaders in business to discuss a range of important topics. 

Featured papers

The Future or Fancy? An Empirical Study of Public Benefit Corporations

The public benefit corporation (“PBC”) is one of the hottest developments in corporate law. The sine qua non of this new form is that directors are required, under their fiduciary obligations, to consider a social purpose beyond the traditional profit-seeking duty. The PBC is thus seen as...

Michael B. Dorff
James Hicks
Steven Davidoff Solomon
25 February 2020

The Law and Practice of Shareholder Inspection Rights: A Comparative Analysis of China and the U.S.

Shareholder inspection rights allow a shareholder to access relevant documents and records of their company, so as to address the problem of information asymmetry inherent in the corporate form, and facilitate the monitoring of the operation of the company and if necessary, the bringing of...

Robin Hui Huang
Randall Thomas
01 March 2020

A Survey of Recent Evidence on Boards of Directors and CEO Incentives

Recent corporate governance research reports several major developments. First, researchers have made important progress in adapting statistical methodologies and experimental designs to facilitate causal inference about how governance mechanisms affect firm performance and valuation. The...

Ronald Masulis
28 January 2020

Can Stakeholder Orientation Improve Inventory Efficiency? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment

In this study, we ask if corporate social responsibility (CSR) allows firms facing high business uncertainty to hold less inventory. More specifically, we ask if improved relationship with suppliers can enhance firms’ resilience to negative supply chain shocks, and thereby allow them to carry...

Yunxiao Liu
Woochan Kim
06 March 2020

Working papers

Bribes and Audit Fees

We exploit the UK Bribery Act of 2010 to test whether the pricing of audit changes with the level of corruption/bribery in the firm’s business environment. Adopting a triple difference design, we show that affected firms operating in countries...Read more

María Gutiérrez Urtiaga
Stavriana Hadjigavriel
Susana Gago-Rodriguez
22 June 2020

Uncertainty, Access to Debt, and Firm Precautionary Behavior

Better access to debt markets mitigates the effects of uncertainty on corporate policies. We establish this result using the staggered introduction of anti-recharacterization laws in U.S. states. These laws enhanced firms’ ability to borrow by...Read more

Giovanni Favara
Janet Gao
Mariassunta Giannetti
19 June 2020

Bank-Fintech Partnerships, Outsourcing Arrangements and the Case for a Mentorship Regime

Fintech firms, once seen as “disruptors” of the traditional banking world, are now increasingly seen as attractive partners for established financial institutions. Such partnership agreements come in different forms and contexts, but most share...Read more

Luca Enriques
Wolf-Georg Ringe
18 June 2020



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