Research Committee

Research Committee

There are currently four Research related committees at ECGI.  These are:

Research Committee

Fellows Committee

Research Member Committee (Apppointments)

Research Member Engagement Committee

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The Research Committee, chaired by Professor Luca Enriques, Professor of Corporate Law, University of Oxford, initiates and oversees ECGI research projects in the field of Corporate Governance.

The Fellowship Committee, chaired by Professor Julian Franks, Professor of Finance, London Business School, oversees the election by the current Fellows of distinguished academics as EGCI Fellows.

The Research Member Committee, chaired by Professor Per Strömberg, SSE Centennial Professor of Finance and Private Equity at the Stockholm School of Economics, oversees and decides the appointment of new ECGI Research Members.

Research Member Engagement Committee, chaired by Professor Jennifer Hill, Professor of Corporate Law, Sydney Law School, encourages and monitors the engagement of ECGI Research Members.

Research Committee Chair

Research Committee Members

Fellowship Committee Chair

Fellowship Committee Members

Research Member Committee Chair

Research Member Committee Members

Research Member Engagement Committee Chair

Research Member Engagement Committee Members