Career Risk and Market Discipline in Asset Management

Career Risk and Market Discipline in Asset Management

Andrew Ellul, Marco Pagano, Annalisa Scognamiglio

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April 16 2018

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August 13 2018
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  • Careers • 
  • Hedge Funds • 
  • Asset Managers • 
  • market discipline • 
  • Scarring Effects

We establish that the labor market helps discipline asset managers via the impact of fund liquidations on their careers. Using hand-collected data on 1,948 professionals, we find that top managers working for funds liquidated after persistently poor relative performance suffer demotion coupled with a significant loss in imputed compensation.

Scarring effects are absent when liquidations are preceded by normal relative performance or involve mid-level employees. Seen through the lens of a model with moral hazard and adverse selection, these results can be ascribed to reputation loss rather than bad luck. The findings suggest that performance-induced liquidations supplement compensation-based incentives.  


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Annalisa Scognamiglio