The ECGI Full Picture | Policy Series

The ECGI Full Picture | Policy Series


The ECGI Full Picture Series is a forum for ECGI research members to organise and participate in policy workshops, facilitating informed commentary on topical issues that are being considered by global policymakers. The idea is to provide a 'full picture' of the research on these topics which will in turn allow for more measured decisions and policy evolution. 

Any of the ECGI Fellows and research members may organise these workshops. Enquiries or suggestions should be directed to Marco Becht.

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European Commission study by Ernst & Young (EY) on 'Directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance'

11-13 November 2020 | Online Policy Workshop | 3 days | 14:30 - 17:00 (CET) | 10:30 - 13:00 (EDT) 

Based on a study by Ernst & Young (EY) on directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance published earlier this year, the European Commission is considering broad-sweeping reforms of corporate governance which will deeply affect European companies. The EY study has stimulated a lively discussion about the impact of short-termism. A number of scholars responded to the Commission’s consultation, urging policymakers to consider the full extent of the existing literature and established findings on the topics referenced. In an effort to address these gaps and to contribute to the current policy debate, ECGI will convene leading scholars in a workshop format to discuss these issues. Following an initial presentation of the report, ECGI research members will then discuss the topics covered by the report and the policy options currently considered by the European Commission. It is possible to attend this workshop by registering below.

Speakers: Luca Enriques (University of Oxford and ECGI) | Roberto Giacomelli, Associate Partner at EY | Climate Change and Sustainability Services | Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and ECGI) | Wolf-Georg Ringe (Hamburg University and ECGI) | John C. Coffee, Jr. (Columbia Law School and ECGI) | Oren Sussman (University of Oxford and ECGI) | Marco Becht (Solvay Brussels School and ECGI) | Paul Davies (University of Oxford and ECGI) | Mark Roe (Harvard Law School and ECGI) | Holger Spamann (Harvard Law School and ECGI) | Jesse Fried (Harvard Law School and ECGI) | Jennifer Hill (Monash University and ECGI) | Marc Goergen (IE and ECGI) | Theo Vermaelen (INSEAD and ECGI) | Lucrezia Reichlin (London Business School), Chair, ECGI | Alex Edmans (London Business School and ECGI) | Steen Thomsen (Copenhagen Business School and ECGI) | Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics and ECGI) | Amir Licht (IDC Herzliya and ECGI) | Rolf Skog (University of Gothenburg and ECGI).

The recordings of this event can be accessed on the event page.

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Submitted Response from Mark Roe and Holger Spamann:
Submitted Response from Alex Edmans:
Submitted Response from Steen Thomsen: and



IFRS Foundation Public Consultation on 'Sustainable Reporting'

Friday, 4 December 2020 | 14:30 - 18:30 CET | Online Policy Workshop

The IFRS Foundation has launched a public consultation on a global approach to sustainability reporting and on the possible Foundation role. They have published a consultation paperStandardisation and comparability of reporting are critical for capital markets, but also for (empirical) research in accounting, law, finance, economics and related disciplines on sustainability. The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and the Impact Economy Foundation are organising a workshop to discuss the consultation document. The workshop will begin with an economic analysis of sustainable reporting. The economic consequences, such as capital market effects and real effects in firm behaviour, will be highlighted. Next, the workshop will review examples of companies that are already providing sustainable reporting on a voluntary basis, and ask what are the benefits and costs?

The workshop will then move to panel discussions centred on the consultation questions. High-level policy makers, academics and practitioners will discuss the consultation questions. The key issues include: standardisation; mandatory vs voluntary reporting; climate change only or other environmental topics such as biodiversity loss also; and single materiality (impact on company's financial value) or double materiality (impact on financial value as well as impact of company on social and environmental value). The workshop will deliver new insights to the IFRS Foundation on these issues as well as inspiration to academics to pursue research in this emerging area, with sustainability now high on the agenda of governments and companies.

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Useful links:
Workshop Registration:
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Article by Teresa Ko (IFRS Trustee):
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Past events

The European Commission recently published a study by Ernst & Young (EY) on directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance commissioned in 2019. ECGI held an online roundtable to discuss the report, the academic literature, and recommendations on the topics referenced in the report.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 15:31