Working papers

Working papers

The ECGI Working Paper series is a repository of academic research papers produced by ECGI Research members consisting of highly qualified and renowned academics from across the globe. The series is managed by a team of ECGI Editors and the papers focus on Corporate Governance topics in both Law and Finance fields.

ECGI Fellows and Research Members are eligible to submit corporate governance papers to the working paper series. They can do so by emailing or by clicking here (users must be logged in).

New Working Papers

Implementation of the SRD II Provisions on Related Party Transactions

In 2017 the European Union adopted amendments to the Shareholder Rights Directive enacted a decade earlier. Among the changes was a new Article 9c dealing with the topic of related party transactions (RPT). This paper analyses how that new...Read more

Paul Davies
Susan Emmenegger
Guido Ferrarini
Klaus Hopt
Adam opalski
Alain Pietrancosta
Andrés Recalde
Markus Roth
Michael Schouten
Rolf Skog
Eddy Wymeersch
24 September 2020

Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance

We provide a comprehensive overview of the role of institutional investors in corporate governance with three main components. First, we provide a detailed characterization of key aspects of the legal and regulatory setting within which ...Read more

Amil Dasgupta
Vyacheslav Fos
Zacharias Sautner
22 September 2020
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