ECGI is an international scientific non-profit association which provides a forum for debate and dialogue focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice.


The European Corporate Governance Institute is the home for all those who have an active interest and involvement in corporate governance. At the core of ECGI are the research members who are appointed on the basis of their significant contribution to the field of corporate governance study and are selected on the basis of strict criteria by a designated committee. ECGI distributes the work of the research members through its extensive global network which comprises of practitioner, academic, institutional and patron members.

Institution Partners

This page contains details of the patron and institutional members of ECGI who support the work of ECGI.

Community (Noticeboard)

The ECGI Community is an engagement and collaboration platform open to all those with an interest in corporate governance.

Women in Corporate Governance

Women are under-represented in the ECGI network and in the broader fields of academia and management. They account for only 17% of the appointed research members and 15% of the overall membership (June 2020). ECGI recognises the important contribution of female scholars and leaders in corporate governance. It aims to improve the opportunities for this under-represented group by highlighting their work and identifying new candidates to join the ECGI research network. This page is intended as a dedicated resource to identify the female members of the network and also provide links to supportive groups within other organisations. 

Young Scholars

The ECGI Young Scholars group is an online community to share ideas and to support younger scholars in their research endeavours. ECGI is supporting this initiative by hosting this group within the existing ECGI Community Platform which acts as an open noticeboard for those with an interest in corporate governance and stewardship. As a general guideline, the group considers PhD students and scholars within 5 years of their PhD defense to be “young scholars”. They interpret “corporate governance” broadly to refer to the way in which private and public companies, enterprises, entrepreneurship and financial institutions are governed and run in relation to their purpose, values, ownership, representation, accountability, financing, investment, performance, leadership, direction, management, employment, law, regulation and taxation. Stewardship is also included as a broad focus area of research.  


Frequently Answered Questions about Research Member and Fellow nominations.

Becoming a Member

The European Corporate Governance Institute is the home for all those who have an active interest and involvement in corporate governance. There are seven categories of membership.

European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF)


Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC)