ECGI Appoints Five New Fellows

ECGI is proud to announce the appointment of five new Fellows to add to its distinguished ranks. The new Fellows, who were drawn from academia in Europe, North America and Australia, were elected by their peers, the existing Fellows of ECGI...
8 November 2017


Fri 01 June 2018 > Sat 02 June 2018

The fourth annual GCGC conference will take place at Harvard University on 1 -2 June 2018. We are no longer accepting submissions for this conference. Attendance is by invitation only.

Featured papers

Unexpected Corporate Outcomes from Hedge Fund Activism in Japan

Hedge fund activism is essentially a search by funds for investment returns by putting pressure on target firms to change their corporate governance. It began in the USA in the 1980s, spread to Europe and Asia in the following decades, and is increasingly seen as a global phenomenon. Although...

John Buchanan
Dominic Heesang Chai
Simon Deakin
26 January 2018

Will Tenure Voting Give Corporate Managers Lifetime Tenure?

Dual-class voting systems have been widely employed in recent initial public offerings by large American tech companies, but have been roundly condemned by institutional investors and the S&P 500. As an alternative, commentators have proposed adoption of tenure voting systems, where investor...

Paul Edelman
Wei Jiang
Randall Thomas
06 February 2018

The Life-Cycle of Dual Class Firms

IPOs of dual class shares have become popular in the recent decade, following the lead of some technological "superstars", e.g. Google and Facebook. Firms adopting the dual class equity structure have at least two classes of common shares: high-voting-power shares, owned primarily by...

Martijn Cremers
Beni Lauterbach
Anete Pajuste
06 February 2018

The impact of mandatory governance changes on financial risk management

We study the impact of corporate governance on foreign exchange risk management by using a large-scale natural experiment, the adoption of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 and its sweeping governance changes on US listed companies. The paper is novel in using comprehensive measures of the...

Ulrich Hege
Elaine Hutson
Elaine Laing
12 February 2018

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Research Members

The research work that emanates from ECGI is undertaken by leading scholars around the globe. This important network of academics is at the very core of what ECGI does, drawing on the finest minds in academia from all over the world to tackle some of the most important issues that confront business and governments today.
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Research Member
Professor of Law and Director, Centre for Business Research
University of Cambridge
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Research Member
Robert L. Dickens Professor of Finance
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Patron Members

The ECGI Patron Members provide regular and long-term support for Academic Research through their contributions to the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF). Their philanthropic donations stimulate the production of research studies and other academic work of excellence in corporate governance.

Institutional Members

The Institutional Members of ECGI provide a vital connection between the academic world and the policy and practitioner aspects of corporate governance. These members recognise the importance of evidence-based research in developing their corporate governance policies and seek to continuously improve the standards of corporate governance.