The European Corporate Governance Institute Meets in Berlin

ECGI held its Annual Members’ Meeting in Berlin on 3 - 4 May, bringing together international academics and practitioners in the field of corporate governance for a programme that included a panel, a debate, a dinner, a general assembly, a lecture and a prize-giving, hosted by ESMT Berlin...
5 May 2018


Fri 01 June 2018 > Sat 02 June 2018

The fourth annual GCGC conference will take place at Harvard University on 1 -2 June 2018. We are no longer accepting submissions for this conference. Attendance is by invitation only.

Mon 18 June 2018

The Roundtable will focus on loyalty shares as a legal solution for encouraging long-term ownership, a concept that is promoted by policy makers, including the European Commission, some institutional investors and issuers. This event is by invitation only. Institutional and Patron members may apply.

Featured papers

An Institutional Theory of Corporate Regulation

The regulation of corporate behaviour has persisted in spite of peaks of neo-liberalism in many global jurisdictions, including the UK. This paradox is described as ‘regulatory capitalism’. Regulatory capitalism offers the vision of private wealth-creating corporations that are also legally and...

Hse-Yu Iris Chiu
14 May 2018

The Death of Corporate Law

For decades, corporate law played a pivotal role in regulating corporations across the United States. Consequently, Delaware, the leading state of incorporation, and its courts played a central part in corporate law and governance. However, through analysis of the legal and economic developments...

Zohar Goshen
Sharon Hannes
07 May 2018

Collateral Damage: Brexit's Negative Effects on Regulatory Competition and Legal Innovation in Private Law

This article attempts to assess the consequences of Brexit for English and European private law.  More specifically, I am interested in how the level of legal innovation in private law will be influenced by Brexit.  I argue that Brexit will reduce the level of efficiency-enhancing legal...

Horst Eidenmüller
07 May 2018

The Real Cost of CEO Compensation: The Effect of Behindness Aversion of Employees

Rising executive compensation has been subject of fierce public debates over the last decades. One group that voices strong opposition against high and increasing executive pay is rank and file employees (and their union representatives). Just recently, the US introduced regulation which forces...

Ingolf Dittmann
Christoph Schneider
Yuhao Zhu
17 April 2018

Working papers

The Stability of Dividends and Wages: Effects of Competitor Inflexibility

We analyze how risk sharing between a firm’s employees and owners depends on its competitors’ response to industry-wide shocks. Focusing on the electricity industry, we obtain a sample of firms with exposure to similar industry risks but...Read more

Daniel A. Rettl
Alex Stomper
Josef Zechner
14 June 2018

Enforcing Rules on Related Party Transactions in Italy: One Securities Regulator’s Challenge

In the wake of the corporate scandals of the early 2000s, Italian policymakers tackled tunnelling via related party transactions (RPTs) by enacting a three-layer regime: a statute setting the goals of a regulation (transparency, and substantial...Read more

Luca Enriques
Mateja Milič
08 June 2018



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The research work that emanates from ECGI is undertaken by leading scholars around the globe. This important network of academics is at the very core of what ECGI does, drawing on the finest minds in academia from all over the world to tackle some of the most important issues that confront business and governments today.
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Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation
University College London - Faculty of Laws

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