Leading International Academics from Top Universities Meet In Frankfurt to Discuss Corporate Governance Research

Leading International Academics from Top Universities Meet In Frankfurt to Discuss Corporate Governance Research

June 19 2019

International academics from the world’s leading universities arrived in Frankfurt at the beginning of June to take part in the 2019 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) conference.

The event, hosted by the Research Center SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe) at the House of Finance and Goethe University and organised by the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), took place in the House of Finance and was attended by over 70 senior academics from a range of disciplines including Finance, Law, and Economics with the aim of sharing corporate governance knowledge on important topics such as Ownership, Index Funds, Sustainable Finance, Corporate Culture, Liability, Banking and more. In addition to the sharing of knowledge on current research, the GCGC conference series inspires new thought and important avenues of future research.

The two-day conference programme also included panel discussions with invited business professionals on topics of current importance. Taking part in a panel discussion on ‘Sustainable Finance’ were Christian Thimann (Athora Insurance Holding), Monica Mächler (Zurich Insurance Group) and Carine Smith Ihenacho (Norges Bank Investment Management). The panel was moderated by Marco Becht (Solvay Brussels School). Speaking on the second panel, moderated by Uwe Walz (Goethe University Frankfurt and CFS/SAFE Frankfurt), on the topic of Banking, were Ignazio Angeloni (SAFE, ECB (fmr)) and Florian Drinhausen (Deutsche Bank).

The GCGC conference series, which facilitates this best-in-class discussion forum, is an initiative supported by twelve universities (Harvard, Oxford, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Swedish House of Finance, London Business School, Columbia, Yale, Peking, Seoul, Stanford) together with a select group of corporate entities (Zurich Insurance Group, the European Investment Bank, Japan Exchange Group). The inaugural conference for the series took place in Stanford University in 2015 and since then has also convened in Stockholm, Tokyo and Harvard.

Speaking at the event in Frankfurt, Professor Uwe Walz, GCGC Conference Chair and Director of the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) and the Research Center SAFE said; 

The GCGC conference is unique in its interdisciplinary and global nature and it provides a vital platform for the convergence of new thought and ideas based on evidence and experience which provides rich discourse for future research. 

The Global Corporate Governance Colloquia will continue next year at Seoul National University and highlights from this year’s event will be made available on both the ECGI and GCGC websites (www.GCGC.global) . The full programme and speaker line-up for the 2019 event is available here:  http://gcgc.global/events/frankfurt-2019/programme/

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Hosts by year:


2015 – Stanford University, USA

2016 – Swedish House of Finance, Sweden

2017 – University of Tokyo, Japan

2018 – Harvard University, USA

2019 – Frankfurt University, Germany

2020 – Seoul University, Korea

2021 – Yale University, USA

2022 – University of Oxford, UK

2023 – Peking University, China

2024 – Columbia University, USA

2025 – Imperial College London, UK

2026 – National University of Singapore





Elaine McPartlan

GCGC Secretary General





Professor Marco Becht







About the Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC)


The Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) is a conference series, which, for an initial period of 12 years, brings together the best research in law and finance relating to corporate governance each year. The conferences will be held at 12 major universities that are leaders in the fields of law and finance in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

These conferences attract invited and contributed research papers of the highest scholarly quality. It includes at least one session devoted to the region or country where the conference takes place. These events are primarily “academic to academic” conferences with a few high profile participants from industry and the public sector. 

The launch conference was held at Stanford University in June 2015, and since then has also convened in Stockholm, Tokyo and Harvard. Each University partner of the series will host the conference once in a 12 year period.


About the European Corporate Governance Institute


The ECGI is an international scientific non-profit association which provides a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice.

Its primary role is to undertake, commission and disseminate research on corporate governance. Based upon impartial and objective research and the collective knowledge and wisdom of its members, it can contribute to the formulation of corporate governance policy and development of evidence based best practice.

In seeking to achieve the aim of improving corporate governance, ECGI acts as a focal point for academics working on corporate governance in Europe and elsewhere, encouraging the interaction between the different disciplines, such as economics, law, finance and management.


About The Center for Financial Studies


The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) is an independent non-profit research center, funded by the non-profit organization Gesellschaft für Kapitalmarktforschung e.V. (GfK). The Center conducts independent and internationally oriented research in important areas of Finance. It serves as a forum for dialogue between academia, policy-making institutions and the financial industry. It offers a platform for top-level fundamental research as well as applied research relevant for the financial sector in Europe.


About The Research Center “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe“ (SAFE)


The Research Center “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe“ (SAFE) is a cooperation of the Center for Financial Studies and Goethe University Frankfurt funded by the Hessian excellence initiative LOEWE. The Center, which is located at Goethe University's House of Finance, is dedicated to research and policy advice in the area of finance.

Unique characteristics of SAFE’s research program are the comprehensive analysis of all aspects of modern financial markets, the collaboration across different research areas, the collection and provision of new German and European data sets that reflect the features of European institutions and households, as well as the interdisciplinary approach encompassing financial economists, micro- and macroeconomists and legal academics.

A new concept for professional policy advice focused on Berlin, Brussels, and Wiesbaden is the Center’s second pillar. Based on independent academic research, the SAFE Policy Center maintains a permanent dialogue with members of governments and parliaments about topical questions on financial markets. Its aim is to develop answers towards a better regulatory framework.