ECGI is accepting applications for new Research Members

ECGI is accepting applications for new Research Members

November 13 2017


​The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is seeking to appoint leading research scholars as Research Members of the institute. ECGI operates as a global network and as such applications are welcome from all locations and no physical presence is required at the Institute's administrative office in Brussels. Applications will be processed by a specifically appointed Committee once a year.


Successful applicants will have an established research and publication track record in Corporate Governance along with a willingness to contribute to ECGI and its activities, and to engage with its other members. The selection committee uses a range of criteria including the relevance of the research to the field of Corporate Governance (broadly defined), publication quality and impact. More broadly, applicants must fulfil the general fit and proper requirements of the Institute under its Articles of Association that apply to all its members.


  • Research Members play a special role in the governance of ECGI. They are the guardians of its scientific independence and integrity. For example, a majority of ECGI's board members must be Research Members and amendments to the Articles of Association must be approved by Research Members with a two-thirds majority.

  • Research Members have access to publish their research in the ECGI Working Paper Series. In addition to automatic posting on SSRN, publishing ECGI Working Papers offers a number of additional advantages. Papers become part of a prestigious series, are promoted through the ECGI website and Working Paper alerts, receive more downloads and citations, and are provided with an attractive cover. Papers included in the series are eligible for one of two EUR 5,000 prizes each year which is determined by the editorial committees.

  • Research Members are eligible to submit projects or conference proposals for support (non-financial or financial) from ECGI. Examples of non-financial support include communications and conference website support. In some cases, financial support is made available through the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF).

  • Research Members enjoy all the rights of membership of the association including attending and voting at the Annual General Meeting, participation at certain ECGI events, and inclusion in ECGI communications. Research Membership is free of charge.

  • A list of existing research members can be found by clicking here.


To apply to become an ECGI Research Member please click here to APPLY.

To nominate someone to become an ECGI Research Member please click here to NOMINATE.

The current deadline for applications is 13 December (at midnight - Central European Time)

Submissions will be reviewed by the Research Member Committee and successful applicants will be notified as early as possible.