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Working papers

Working papers

The ECGI Working Paper series is a repository of academic research papers produced by ECGI Research members consisting of highly qualified and renowned academics from across the globe. The series is managed by a team of ECGI Editors and the papers focus on Corporate Governance topics in both Law and Finance fields.

ECGI Fellows and Research Members are eligible to submit corporate governance papers to the working paper series. They can do so by emailing wp@ecgi.org or by clicking here (users must be logged in).

New Working Papers

Regulatory Measures to Dismantle Pyramidal Business Groups: Evidence the United States, Japan, Korea and Israel

Large business enterprises, from the railroad barons of nineteenth century America to Amazon and Google today, are often perceived as important for economic performance and, at the same time, as potential abusers of their political and economic...Read more

Assaf Hamdani
Yishay Yafeh
16 September 2020

Are CEOs paid extra for riskier pay packages?

This paper quantifies the cost of CEO incentive compensation by estimating an elasticity of pay to the variance of pay. Using US CEO compensation data and a variety of empirical approaches, we find that CEOs with riskier pay packages are paid...Read more

Ana M. Albuquerque
Rui Albuquerque
Mary Ellen Carter
Qi (Flora) Dong
11 September 2020
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E.g., 2020-09-20