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Research Member
Professor of Law
Paolo Baffi Center on Financial Regulation, Bocconi University Law Department


Ph.D., University of Brescia

LL.M., Yale Law School

Bocconi is a research university of international standing in business, economics, and law. Its research projects are funded by national and supranational institutions. By virtue of being a major node in the European and global network of business and economics universities, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with like-minded European and American universities and business schools. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors. Bocconi is 4th in Europe and 11th in the world according to QS World University Rankings.

Angelo Sraffa Department of Legal Studies

Following in the footsteps of Angelo Sraffa (1865-1937), the Department of Law named after him has chosen to focus on dialogue between the various environments of the legal order, relations with other social disciplines and the study of international experiences.

Research activities promoted by the Department have for some time focused on the following topics: general theory of law, the methodology of social sciences, the theory of legal interpretation and argumentation, economic analysis of law, the history of modern legal and political concepts, the history of justice and procedure, judiciary epistemology, judicial culture and the codification of law, Roman law, ownership and law of contracts and bonds, civic responsibility, family law and inheritance, constitutional law, public law, administrative law, administrative proceedings and administrative justice, law of the economy, labor and union law, company, banking and financial law, industrial and intellectual property law, competition law, international commercial law, EU law, private international law and procedure, arbitration law, civil procedure, bankruptcy, tax law, insurance company law, regulation of tenders, internet law, information and communication law, environmental law, healthcare law, urban and building law, criminal law and commercial and business criminal law, juvenile criminal law, criminal procedure.

With the Department of Economics, the Department of Law has also promoted the creation of an observatory on competition policies and has created an interdisciplinary workgroup dedicated to the analysis of economics and law.

In addition, to increase its involvement in international debate, the Department participates in the network of Law Schools which are members of SSRN.com. Included on the website is a page called "Bocconi University Legal Studies Research Paper Series".

Head of Department: Marco Ventoruzzo

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Bocconi University has adopted a strategic plan for the five-year period from 2016 to 2020. The plan, approved by the University Board in June 2015, analyzes the major trends affecting higher education in the international and domestic contexts, sets out the strategic position of Bocconi, and outlines the main objectives and strategies which will guide the actions of the University over the five years period. The plan also describes the operations and initiatives designed to achieve the main objectives. Given the rapidly changing scenario - which could be affected by evolving market conditions, competitive environments and technology - specific actions and initiatives may need to adapt to evolving circumstances.

Honor Code for the Bocconi Community

Principles and regulations

Bocconi University considers ethics, as well as responsibility for one's conduct and actions as essential for people's education and professional lives. Università Bocconi publishes and circulates a Code of Conduct for Faculty and Students at Bocconi University with the objective of conveying and reinforcing the values of commitment and propriety which are essential in carrying out study, research and professional activities within the entire Bocconi community.

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