The Global Shareholder Stewardship Project

The Global Shareholder Stewardship Project

This page provides practical information and guidance for participants in the Global Shareholder Stewardship Project.

Practical Information about the Global Shareholder Stewardship Project


Chapter length:

We expect the chapters to be a maximum of 10,000 words including footnotes. We will be able to confirm this in due course after we have further discussions with Cambridge University Press, which has already informally expressed interest in our project.

Style Guide:

We will use the OSCOLA (4th edn) citation guide for all chapters of the book. For your convenience, attached is the one-page OSCOLA Quick Reference Guide. The full guide is available here. We have chosen OSCOLA as it is our view that it is the best guide for comparative projects involving multiple jurisdictions. However, unfortunately, for citing non-English sources – especially sources in languages that do not use Latin script – there is no comprehensive guide. As such, we have added a second page to the attached OSCOLA Quick Reference Guide with rules that everyone citing non-English language sources should follow in all of the chapters.   

Drafting your chapter:

The aim of the book on Global Shareholder Stewardship is to provide a comprehensive collection of state-of-the-art thinking on stewardship, including both positive descriptions of prevailing law and practice and forward-looking analyses and critiques. Please send us the title of your chapter together with a detailed abstract (up to 500 words) by Friday, 24 May. This will allow us to prepare the conference programme and a tentative table of contents for the book.

In the next general e-mail, which we will send out in late May, we will include an overview of the email addresses for all contributors and create a Dropbox with subfolders for draft chapters and research materials for each jurisdiction and comparative chapters. We strongly encourage you to contribute to the Dropbox by uploading useful materials on your chapter and/or for others. We also would encourage you to reach out directly to other contributors, as this may be helpful as you think through the precise coverage of your own chapter.  We will ensure that all draft chapters are uploaded into the Dropbox and we would encourage as much cross-referencing of draft chapters as possible to make the book an integrated whole. 


As you proceed with drafting your chapter and plan for the conference, please bear in mind that we will rely on all contributors to deliver their draft chapters and later revised chapters on time, as the timeliness of the whole project depends on all of us.

As we as editors review your chapters in the following phases, we will return them to you with individual specific deadlines, to keep the process running as smoothly as possible. We have indicated a tentative timeline for the project below, which may be adjusted slightly in the future.

  • Title and abstract by 24 May 2019.
  • Registration to the symposium by 30 May 2019.
  • Draft chapters by 30 August 2019. Please note that the timely submission of your draft chapter is a precondition for participation in the Symposium.
  • King’s College London Global Shareholder Stewardship Conference: 23-24 September 2019 (see further information below).
  • Feedback from the editors given in the period 30 September to 30 October 2019
  • Revised chapters to be submitted by 30 November 2019.
  • Final chapters are thereafter sent to the editors’ research assistants for final check of consistency of style in footnotes. (Please note that there are limited resources available for final check, and that chapters where the style guide is not followed will be returned to authors in an earlier phase).
  • Book manuscript to be submitted to publisher by 31 January 2020
  • Throughout this entire process authors will be expected to be available to respond in a timely manner to any questions from research assistants and confirm/reject suggested edits.
  • There will likely be a book launch at the National University of Singapore in late 2020


We have had preliminary discussions with Cambridge University Press (CUP) and they have informally expressed interest in our project. We will be continuing our discussions with CUP to get a more concrete understanding of their interest and, particularly, their views on the length of the book and the posting of drafts prepared for the symposium on online platforms such as SSRN. Based on similar recent projects with CUP, we anticipate that they will allow us to post conference drafts online and maintain them online after the publication of the book. We realize this is an important issue for many of us and will try to confirm this in our next general email in late May.

All CUP edited volumes require at least the book proposal and several sample chapters to be submitted for blind peer-review before a formal publication contract will be granted. Assuming that the chapters presented at the Symposium are at an advanced stage, we will aim to submit our formal proposal, with several sample chapters, to CUP shortly after the Symposium. 

Global Shareholder Stewardship E-mail list:

As you will see with this e-mail, we have set up a Global Shareholder Stewardship Email List, and added authors, including co-authors to the extent the information was available to us. To ensure that we have the correct e-mail addresses for all, we ask you to confirm that you have received this e-mail.

Lead authors that wish to ensure their co-authors are included in this list should contact us with the required information. The editors must be notified about changes in e-mail addresses during the project period. We will use this email list exclusively to send further updates and provide additional information as planning for the conference and book as they continue to take shape. 

Practical Information about the Global Shareholder Stewardship Conference

(23 -24 September 2019)

You are all invited to the Global Shareholder Stewardship Conference at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London on 23-24 September 2019. The conference aims to establish a core network of academic and non-academic specialists with expertise on shareholder stewardship and engagement, drive forward evidence-based policy, and form the basis for the development of an edited book on Global Shareholder Stewardship co-edited by myself and Dan. The conference is expected to enhance the quality of contributions, reinforce the cohesive nature of the book, and contribute to the timeliness of the manuscript. The aims and scope of the book are set out in the attached Research Project Outline, which we hope will provide a common starting point for our collaboration and comparative analysis.  We would appreciate it if you could review it carefully before starting your research.

Participation at the conference is highly recommended. However, we appreciate that individual circumstances may not allow participation. We are therefore currently looking into providing an alternative of participating via Skype. We will come back to you on this in late May.


This event is co-sponsored by the Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London, the Transnational Law Institute, King's College London, the British Academy's Partnership with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI).

Conference Registration and Funding:

A registration form for the Global Shareholder Stewardship Conference at King’s College London in September is now available here: . Please register as soon as possible and at the latest by 31 May 2019. Funding is available for travel and hotel accommodation. Should you require funding support, please contact Mita Vaghji, Coordinator of the Transnational Law Institute, King’s College London, and she will help you with arrangements. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. 




Dionysia Katelouzou

Dan W Puchniak

Mita Vaghji