DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority)

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority)

Ashok Kumar Anjan Chief Compliance Officer

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) is Dubai’s trusted provider of two essential life elements, Electricity and Water. It was set up by a royal statute in 1992 and is a leading utilities provider in the region and across the globe in practicing the tenets of Good Governance.


Corporate Governance & Strategy

DEWA has implemented the best principles of Corporate Governance for State Owned Enterprises in line with the recommendations of the OECD 2015. The guidelines of the World Bank and best practices of electricity and water providers worldwide have also been adapted and adopted. There is a comprehensive Governance Framework, Governance Policy and Governance Charter that have been implemented.

DEWA is 100% owned by the Government of Dubai. Its nine member Board is appointed by the Government of Dubai by a legal statute issued by HH The Ruler of Dubai. Eight of the members are independent and non-executive. The Managing Director and CEO is also appointed by statute. The MD & CEO is authorized to manage all the activities and functions of DEWA. The Board members declare any conflicts of interest / related parties. The Executive Regulations of the Board detail the scope and functions of the Board. The Board may also set up permanent or temporary committees whenever there is a need.

The Governance Framework includes the classic components of governance such as Board oversight, a clear organization chart and span of control, a well documented strategy and proper delegation of financial and administrative authorities. There are a full suite of management level committees and comprehensive policies covering all functions. A Code of Conduct and Ethics and an Employee Handbook aid in dissemination of good governance elements within DEWA. In keeping with international guidelines, DEWA adopts the three lines of defense model with management and supervision being the first line; risk, compliance, legal and governance being the second line and internal audit as the third line.  The external auditors and the Government audit also enable a broad based control review system.

Governance in DEWA also incorporates technology governance, project governance, procurement governance, sustainability governance and water governance.

DEWA’s Governance is certified compliant under British Standard BSi 13500 on Corporate Governance. DEWA has also won recognition and awards for its good governance.

DEWA wins Golden Peacock Global Award 2016 for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has won the Golden Peacock Global Award 2016, for Excellence in Corporate Governance. Noora Mahfouth Alshehhi, Manager of Contract Review Audits at DEWA, received the award on behalf of HE Saeed Mohammed A... Read more

Corporate Governance & Strategy