Banco BPI, SA

Banco BPI, SA

Institutional Member

The BPI Group - headed by Banco BPI - is a financial group centred on corporate and retail banking businesses, and in the provision of investment banking and asset management services. 

The two main markets of operations are Portugal, a developed and competitive market where BPI has a strong competitive position, and Angola, an emerging economy which has recorded robust and sustained growth in recent years, where BPI, through its equity interest in BFA, has a leading position in the market. 


BPI interprets its social responsibility as the set of duties and obligations of the Institution in relation to the Community in which it is integrated and to the specific interest groups that depend on its activity: Clients, Shareholders, Employees and Investors.

In this perspective, the exercise of social responsibility takes place in 7 dimensions:

  • Compliance with the Law and applicable regulations;
  • Compliance with own standards of conduct;
  • Corporate Governance Policy and its implementation;
  • Relationship with Investors;
  • Promotion of Quality of Service;
  • Human Resources valorisation policy;
  • Integration into the life of society and support for its initiatives.

In 2016, BPI contributed its highest value ever in the area of ​​social responsibility, 5.4 million euros, distributed in the areas of social solidarity, culture, education and research, and innovation and entrepreneurship. During the last 10 years and despite the current situation, the Bank made an average annual support of around 4.53 million euros.

Domestic activity

The Group's commercial bank Banco BPI serves more than 1.7 million Customers - Individuals, Companies and Institutions - through its multi-channel distribution network comprising 445 retail branches, 39 investment centres, a network of 24 thousand commercial partners, structures dedicated to the Corporate (46 centres) and Institutional Customers (6 centres), telephone banking (BPI Directo) and a homebanking service (BPI Net).

Banco Português de Investimento, the BPI Group's original parent company, performs investment banking activities - Equities and Corporate Finance - within the geographic scope of the Iberian Peninsula. 

In asset management, BPI holds very relevant positions in the management of unit trust funds, pension funds and life-capitalisation insurance, which it distributes through Banco BPI and Banco Português de Investimento. 

International activity

In Angola, at 30 September 2016, BPI holds leadership positions with market shares of 7% and 16% in loans and deposits, respectively, 24.7% in cards and approximately 26.47% in payment terminals, through Banco de Fomento (BFA), 50.1% owned. At the end of September 2016, BFA served 1.5 million Customers, through a distribution network with a strong presence in Luanda and wide coverage throughout of the whole territory, comprising 165 branches, 9 investment centres and 16 corporate centres. The physical network is complemented by homebanking services - BFA Net Particulares and BFA Net Empresas. 

International operations encompass, in addition, the appropriation of results attributable to the 30% interest held in Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI), in Mozambique. BCI is a retail bank predominantly focused on the gathering of resources and loan concession, activities in which the bank holds market shares of 29% and 31%, respectively as of September 2016. BCI serves 1.4 thousand Customers through a network of 193 branches, 625 ATM and 9 311 POS. 

As of 30 September 2016.