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General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors
Banca Generali

Carmelo Reale is General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Banca Generali.


Banca Generali has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since November 2006 and is controlled by Assicurazioni Generali, synonymous with reliability and security for over 180 years.

Corporate Governance System

For a constant, solid and sustainable growth

Banca Generali’s governance system is based on well-defined pillars, such as the central role of the Board of Directors, the management of conflicts of interest, transparency in the disclosure of corporate decisions, and the efficiency of the internal control system.

Banca Generali has also adopted the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies of Borsa Italiana.

The Company’s organisational structure is in line with the traditional corporate governance model. This system is founded on an administrative body, i.e., the Board of Directors, which is appointed by the General Shareholders’ Meeting and is responsible for managing and strategically overseeing the Company, and on the Board of Statutory Auditors, which is entrusted with management control. The functions related to statutory auditing of the Company’s accounts are entrusted to Independent Auditors duly registered with the specific professional rolls set by Consob.

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting for a term of up to three years. Among its members, the Board elects a Chairman and may appoint a Deputy Chairman. It may establish an Executive Committee and appoint one or more Chief Executive Officers, defining powers and remuneration. Banca Generali currently does not have an Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors has established three Board Committees with consultative and advisory functions on specific matters: the Remuneration Committee, the Internal Audit and Risk Committee and the Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee.

Sustainability Report

With over eight years of non-financial reporting, which has also led to a public recognition as a good practice in terms of transparency in corporate communication (the "Oscar di Bilancio 2017"), since 2018 we present non-financial information within the consolidated financial statements of Banca Generali, now "Integrated Annual Report". The document opens with the Letter to the Stakeholders and is divided into three macro sections:

  • Identity and Governance: values, mission, strategy, organizational structure and governance;
  • Economic reporting: reclassification of the results presented in the Consolidated Financial Statements, from the perspective of the individual categories of stakeholders;
  • Dialogue with Stakeholders: quantity and quality of the relation with the various stakeholder. Our Social Report is in turn subdivided in subsections: Customers, Network, Environment and Community, Suppliers, Shareholders and Investors, Human Resources

Banca Generali’s focus on a sustainable growth strategy for all the various stakeholders is shown by a Gross Global Added Value Distributed (GAV) of €890,5 million in 2019

ISS - Institutional Shareholder Services Inc.

Banca Generali was positively evaluated by ISS - Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - on ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance issues

receiving “1” as Governance Score on a scale where 1 is the lowest risk level, 10 is the highest level high,

receiving "2" as an Environment Score on a scale where 1 is the highest level of disclosure and 10 the lowest level of disclosure

and receiving “1” as Social Score on a scale where 1 is the highest level of disclosure and 10 the lowest level of disclosure.

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