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General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors
Banca Generali

Carmelo Reale is General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Banca Generali.


Banca Generali has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since November 2006 and is controlled by Assicurazioni Generali, synonymous with reliability and security for 190 years

Corporate Governance System

For a constant, solid and sustainable growth

Organisational Structure

Banca Generali’s governance structure is based on the traditional model, with a Board of Directors (composed of 9 members, including the Chairman and the CEO), within which there are 4 internal Committees (Remuneration Committee; Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee; Credit Committee and Internal Audit and Risk Committee), a Board of Statutory Auditors and the General Shareholders’ Meeting

Within Banca Generali, responsibility for sustainability falls to the Board of Directors, which performs this task through its Nomination, Governance and Sustainability Committee. The Chief Executive Officer and General Manager implements the strategies defined by the Board of Directors, setting the fundamental guidelines

Board of Directors

Banca Generali recognises and reaps the benefits of diversity at the level of the Group, its Corporate Bodies and its management, in all respects, including gender, age, qualification, competencies, training and professional background. To this end, Banca Generali’s Board of Directors approved the Diversity Policy for Members of Company Bodies that formally establishes the criteria and tools adopted by the Bank to ensure an adequate level of diversity within its Corporate Bodies.

The provisions contained herein are drawn up in accordance with the Diversity Policy adopted by the Generali Group and in compliance with applicable legislation, the Articles of Association and internal regulations.

The aforementioned Policy formally lays down the criteria and methods of implementation currently adopted by Banca Generali to ensure an adequate level of diversity and inclusion among members of Corporate Bodies

Sustainability Report

With over eleven years of non-financial reporting, since 2018 we present non-financial information within the consolidated financial statements of Banca Generali, now "Integrated Annual Report"

The document opens with the Letter to the Stakeholders and is divided into the following macro sections:

-- Integrated Thinking: Shared Value Creation Model, Strategic Plan, Strategic Focus on Sustainability, Integrated Reporting

-- Governance: Corporate and Organisational Structure, Mission, Vision, Values,

Risks, Dialogue with Stakeholders

-- Performance and Creation of Sustainable Value: reclassification of the results presented in the Consolidated Financial Statements, from the perspective of the individual categories of stakeholders (Human Capital: Human Resources and the Distribution Network, Natural Capital, Relationship Capital: Customers and Suppliers, Initiatives in Support of Local Communities)


Banca Generali was positively evaluated by ISS - Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - on ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance issues

receiving “2” as Governance Score on a scale where 1 is the lowest risk level, 10 is the highest level high,

receiving "2" as an Environment Score on a scale where 1 is the highest level of disclosure and 10 the lowest level of disclosure

and receiving “2” as Social Score on a scale where 1 is the highest level of disclosure and 10 the lowest level of disclosure.

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