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Noémi Robert is managing the Integrity and Assurance team at Accountancy Europe, specialising in audit and assurance, ethics and corporate governan

Accountancy Europe unites 51 professional organisations from 36 countries that represent 1 million qualified accountants, auditors and advisors. Qualified accountants make numbers work for people. As Accountancy Europe, we translate their daily experience from across Europe to inform the European policy debate. We do this in the areas in which our profession can contribute most, namely: Reporting & Transparency, Audit, Good Governance & Sustainable Economy, Finance & Investment, Tax and Professional Matters.


Our 51 Members are at the core of the work we carry out at Accountancy Europe. They send experts from across Europe to the Expert Groups that contribute to our projects. Jointly, our Members also form our highest governance body, the Members’ Assembly, meeting multiple times per year. The Members’ Assembly provides high level guidance to our Board on strategy, appoints and supervises the Board.

Expert Groups

The representatives of our Members participate in our Expert Groups based on their area of expertise. They provide feedback from practice and input on public policy and strategy via physical meetings, conference calls, and by collaborating online.


Our Board supervises and guides our work, and decides on the projects we engage in. The Board acts in the collective interest of Accountancy Europe and of the whole European profession, independently from any particular interest. The Board has 12 members from 10 countries it is chaired by the President. The President represents Accountancy Europe for a 2-year term.


Our Team runs our projects on a daily basis and steers the work of the Groups in cooperation with their Chairs. Consisting of people with diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds based in Brussels, the team is led by the Chief Executive who manages and represents Accountancy Europe.

Our Team