Working Paper

01 July 2009

Firm-Level Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: A Case Study of India

We provide an overview of Indian corporate governance practices, based primarily on responses to a 2006 survey of 370 Indian public companies. Compliance with legal norms is reasonably high in most areas, but not complete. We identify...

Bala Balasubramanian | Bernard Black | Vikramaditya Khanna
01 June 2007

Has New York become less competitive in global markets? Evaluating foreign listing choices over time

We study the determinants and consequences of cross-listings on the New York and London stock exchanges from 1990 to 2005. This investigation enables us to evaluate the relative benefits of New York and London exchange listings and to...

Craig Doidge | Andrew Karolyi | René Stulz


Signaling Safety

In this paper we revisit a classic idea in finance and economics, namely the hypothesis that dividend changes convey information about firms’...Read more

Roni Michaely
Stefano Rossi
Michael Weber
13 March 2020