Working Paper

01 February 2014

Getting Incentives Right: Is Deferred Bank Executive Compensation Sufficient?

In the wake of the global financial crisis, attention has often focused on whether incentives generated by bank executives? compensation programs led to excessive risk-taking. Post-crisis, compensation reform proposals have taken...

Sanjai Bhagat | Brian Bolton | Roberta Romano
01 April 2014

Top Management Ties with Board Members: How They Affect Pay-Performance Sensitivity and IPO Performance

This paper is the first study on the effects of pay-performance sensitivity (PPS) on the performance of initial public offerings (IPOs) in the presence of social ties and family ties of the top managers with board members. We...

Salim Chahine | Marc Goergen
01 September 2014

Revisiting Executive Pay in Family-Controlled Firms: Family Premium in Large Business Groups

According to the prior literature, family executives of family-controlled firms receive lower compensation than non-family executives. One of the key driving forces behind this is the existence of family members who are not involved...

Juyoung Cheong | Woochan Kim