Working Paper

04 December 2019

Paid Leave Pays Off: The Effects of Paid Family Leave on Firm Performance

We explore how lowering labor market frictions for female workers affects corporate performance. Using the staggered adoption of state-level Paid Family Leave acts, we provide causal evidence on the value created by relieving...

Benjamin Bennett | Isil Erel | Léa H. Stern | Zexi Wang
01 January 2007

Do U.S. Firms Have the Best Corporate Governance?A Cross-Country Examination of the Relation between Corporate Governance and Shareholder Wealth

We compare the governance of foreign firms to the governance of similar U.S. firms. Using an index of firm governance attributes, we find that, on average, foreign firms have worse governance than matching U.S. firms. Roughly 8% of...

Reena Aggarwal | Isil Erel | René Stulz | Rohan Williamson