Prof. Colin Mayer (Said Business School, University of Oxford) presents his paper on "Evolution of ownership: Its impact on corporate governance" at the "Corporate Governance And Ownership With Diverse Shareholders" conference at IESE Business School, Barcelona. Discussion of the paper is then presented by Prof. Charlotte Ostergaard (BI Norwegian Business School). The full paper and slides from this presentation can be downloaded here: ecgi.global/content/corporate-governance-and-ownership-diverse-shareholders#!event-programme

17 January 2020


July 04 2020

In a special report in 2010, the Economist magazine called the resurging state-owned mega-enterprises worldwide, especially those from emerging economies, as “Leviathan Inc.”, and warned about the danger of such state capitalism model. While traditionally state-owned firms are criticized for weaker governance and less efficiency, they are also believed to be better positioned for dealing with market externalities.

July 04 2020