Working Paper

22 February 2020

Do Short-Term Incentives Affect Long-Term Productivity?

Previous research shows that incentives to increase earnings-per-share cause firm to increase stock repurchases and reduce investment and employment. It is natural to expect firms to cut less productive investment and employment...

Heitor Almeida | Nuri Ersahin | Vyacheslav Fos | Rustom Irani | Mathias Kronlund
01 December 2015

The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration:Evidence from the Accounting Profession

The paper examines whether international regulatory harmonization increases cross-border labor migration. To study this question, we analyze European Union (EU) initiatives that harmonized accounting and auditing standards....

Matthew Bloomfield | Ulf Brüggemann | Hans Christensen | Christian Leuz
01 December 2005

Fighting for Talent: Risk-Taking, Corporate Volatility, and Organizational Change

We show that the availability of finance affects firms not only through financial markets, but also through the labor market. In our model, talented workers care for realizing their ideas because this can increase their lifetime...

Guido Friebel | Mariassunta Giannetti