Working Paper

01 August 2017

Closing the Gap: Gender Quotas and Corporate Board Composition

We study the impact of board gender quotas on firms’ hiring and retention practices. We find that female director tenure significantly increases following the introduction of a quota in France in 2011, with stronger effects among...

Daniel Ferreira | Edith Ginglinger | Marie-Aude Laguna | Yasmine Skalli
01 December 2005

Fighting for Talent: Risk-Taking, Corporate Volatility, and Organizational Change

We show that the availability of finance affects firms not only through financial markets, but also through the labor market. In our model, talented workers care for realizing their ideas because this can increase their lifetime...

Guido Friebel | Mariassunta Giannetti
01 December 2015

The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-border Labor Migration:Evidence from the Accounting Profession

The paper examines whether international regulatory harmonization increases cross-border labor migration. To study this question, we analyze European Union (EU) initiatives that harmonized accounting and auditing standards....

Matthew Bloomfield | Ulf Brüggemann | Hans Christensen | Christian Leuz