Working Paper

10 December 2017

The relationship between public listing, context, multi-nationality and internal CSR

Are MNEs more socially responsible, and where is this more likely to occur? Are rms less responsible in emerging or transitional economies, and what impact does the dominant national corporate governance regime have? We explore the...

Chris Brewster | Salim Chahine | Marc Goergen | Geoffrey Wood
01 September 2014

Are Buybacks Good for Long-Term Shareholder Value? Evidence from Buybacks around the World

Using a sample of over 9,000 buyback announcements from 31 non-U.S. countries, we find support for the results of studies based on U.S. data: on average, share repurchases are associated with significant positive short-term and...

Alberto Manconi | Urs Peyer | Theo Vermaelen
01 May 2014

Independent directors and controlling shareholders around the world

In this paper, we examine independent directors as a legal transplant from dispersed ownership systems to concentrated ownership ones. We focus on Continental Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Our main thesis is that...

Guido Ferrarini | Marilena Filippelli