Working Paper

01 October 2014

Related Party Transactions: Policy Options and Real-World Challenges (With a Critique of the European Commission Proposal)

This paper provides a legal and policy analysis of transactions between a corporation and one of its ?related parties.? It first highlights the reasons why related party transactions (?RPTs?) are so common around the world. Next, it...

Luca Enriques
12 July 2019

The Illusion of Motion: Corporate (Im-)mobility and the Failed Promise of Centros

The European Court of Justice’s landmark decision in Centros was heralded as creating the preconditions for a vibrant market for incorporations in the EU. In practice, however, today’s corporate landscape in Europe differs...

Carsten Gerner-Beuerle | Federico Mucciarelli | Edmund-Philipp Schuster | Mathias Siems
26 March 2021

Letting Companies Choose between Board Models: An Empirical Analysis of Country Variations

This paper has a dual aim: it aims to contribute to the substance of comparative corporate law and it aims to advance the methodology of comparative legal research. In substantive terms, the paper addresses the key question about the...

Martin Gelter | Mathias Siems
01 June 2009

Understanding Directors' Pay in Europe: A Comparative and Empirical Analysis

This paper analyses the regulatory framework which applies to the determination of directors’ remuneration in Europe and the extent to which European firms follow best practices in corporate governance in this area, drawing on an...

Guido Ferrarini | Niamh Moloney | Maria Cristina Ungureanu