Working Paper

01 February 2014

Economic Crisis and Share Price Unpredictability: Reasons and Implications

During the recent financial crisis, there was a dramatic spike, across all industries, in the volatility of individual firm share prices after adjustment for movements in the market as a whole. In this Article, we demonstrate that a...

Edward Fox | Merritt Fox | Ronald Gilson
01 February 2011

The Regulation of Hedge Funds and Private Equity: A Case Study in the Development of the EU’s Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis

This article examines the recent development of EU regulatory policy with respect to the alternative investment industry up to and including the adoption of a major new Directive. This Directive is just one part of a much larger package...

Eilis Ferran
24 March 2021

Towards a Principled Approach for Bailouts of COVID-distressed Critical/Systemic Firms

In this essay, we propose a principled approach for government bailouts of critical/systemic firms who find themselves in COVID-19-induced financial distress. We also demonstrate why bankruptcy is the wrong tool to address the...

Horst Eidenmüller | Javier Paz Valbuena