Company Law

Working Paper

07 December 2017

Opportunity Makes a Thief: Corporate Opportunities as Legal Transplant and Convergence in Corporate Law

The paper surveys the corporate opportunities doctrine in four jurisdictions: the US, the UK, Germany, and France. Our analysis enables us to trace the development of the doctrine, exposing the way in which certain models of dealing...

Martin Gelter | Geneviève Helleringer
01 August 2016

Corporate Disruption: The Law and Design of Organizations in the 21st Century

This paper explores the issue of ?re-making? corporate law through the prism of the United Nations? recent efforts at reducing legal obstacles experienced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in starting and scaling a...

J. William Callison | Mark Fenwick | Joseph McCahery | Erik Vermeulen
01 May 2011

The Relation between Firm-Level Corporate Governance and Market Value: A Study of India

Relatively little is known about the corporate governance practice of firms in emerging markets. We provide a detailed overview of the practices of publicly traded firms in India, and identify areas where governance practices are...

Bala Balasubramanian | Bernard Black | Vikramaditya Khanna
01 February 2015

Centros, the Freedom of Establishment for Companies, and the Court's Accidental Vision for Corporate Law

In consequence of the three ECJ cases in Centros (1999), Überseering (2002), and Inspire Art (2003), EU member states can no longer effectively apply the real seat theory to companies from other Member States or take other measures to...

Martin Gelter