Working Paper

Examining the Wates Principles for Large Private Companies as a Social Contract for Business-Society Relations

In December 2018, a Corporate Governance Code aimed at large private companies was unveiled, the culmination of an industry-led effort  in producing a set of best practices in large private companies. These standards would also facilitate...Read more

Hse-Yu Iris Chiu
Roger Barker
27 May 2019

Self-commitments and the Binding Force of Self-regulation with Respect to Third Parties in Germany

Codes of conduct are a well-accepted feature of European corporate governance. Listed corporations are obliged to annually state their compliance with a corporate governance code or to explain their non-compliance. Whilst it is agreed that...Read more

Patrick C. Leyens
05 January 2018

Listed Companies' Engagement with Diversity: A Multi-Jurisdictional Study of Annual Report Disclosures

The paper reports the findings of a multi-jurisdictional study on companies? reporting of diversity practices at board level and below. It involved a review of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 annual reports of listed companies in Australia, Belgium,...Read more

Blanaid Clarke
01 August 2013