Revital Yosef (Bar-Ilan University) who spoke at the "New Research on Executive Compensation and on Sustainability" conference that took place on the 16-17/12/19 at Bar-Ilan University. The full paper and slides from this presentation can be downloaded here:!event-programme


23 January 2020

The "CEO's Roundtable", moderated by Prof. Jordi Canals (IESE Business School), composed of Ms. Amra Balic (BlackRock), Dr. Jordi Gual (La Caixa) and Mr. Juven Maetzu (IKEA). More information from this conference can be found here:!event-programme

17 January 2020

Prof. Steven Kaplan (University of Chicago Booth School of Business) presents his paper on "Are CEOs Different? Characteristics of Top Managers" at the 2016 GCGC Conference in Stockholm. Discussion of the paper is then presented by Prof. Dan Puchniak (National University of Singapore). The full paper and slides from this presentation can be downloaded here:

13 June 2016


We show theoretically and empirically that executives are paid less for their own firm’s performance and more for their rivals’ performance if an industry’s firms are more commonly owned by the same set of investors. Higher common ownership also leads to higher unconditional total pay. We exploit quasi-exogenous variation in common ownership from a mutual fund trading scandal to support a causal interpretation. These findings challenge conventional assumptions in the corporate finance literature about the objective function of the firm.

October 21 2020