Board of Directors

Working Paper

01 January 2008

The Corporate Governance of Privately Controlled Brazilian Firms

We provide an overview of the corporate governance practices of Brazilian public companies, based primarily on an extensive 2005 survey of 116 companies. We focus on the 88 responding Brazilian private firms which are not majority...

Bernard Black | Antonio Gledson de Carvalho | Érica Gorga
01 July 2011

What Matters and for Which Firms for Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets? Evidence from Brazil (and Other BRIK Countries)

A central issue in corporate governance research is the extent to which “good” governance practices are universal (one size mostly fits all) or instead depend on country and firm characteristics. We report evidence that supports...

Bernard Black | Antonio Gledson de Carvalho | Érica Gorga


Deadlock on the Board

The board of directors is the highest decision-making authority in a corporation. But sometimes boards struggle to make decisions. In surveys, 67...Read more

Jason Donaldson
Nadya Malenko
24 January 2020