Board of Directors

Working Paper

24 April 2020

The Advisory and Monitoring Roles of the Board - Evidence From Disruptive Events

We study the contribution of directors to firm resilience by assessing the relative importance of their advisory and monitoring roles at times of crisis. Based on manually collected US data, we document that four bord-related...

Ettore Croci | Gérard Hertig | Layla Khoja | Luh Luh Lan
13 February 2018

The Market for Non-Executive Directors: Does Acquisition Performance Influence Future Board Seats?

This paper investigates whether non-executive directors associated with good (bad) board decisions are subsequently rewarded (penalized) in the market for directors. This question is addressed by assessing whether the...

Marc Goergen | Svetlana Mira | Noel O'Sullivan
26 August 2019

Does Board Gender Diversity Affect Renewable Energy Consumption?

This paper examines the effect of board gender diversity on renewable energy consumption. Using a panel of 11,677 firm-year observations from the USA for 2008–2016, we find a positive relationship between board gender diversity and...

Muhammad Atif | Mohammed Hossain | Md. Samsul Alam | Marc Goergen