Working Paper

23 March 2021

Corruption-related disclosure in the banking industry: Evidence from GIPSI countries

This paper empirically investigates corruption-related disclosure in the banking industry, aiming to identify the most relevant theories which explain why financial institutions disclose corruption-related information to the...

Pablo de Andrés | Salvatore Polizzi | Enzo Scannella
16 March 2020

Corporate Governance of Banks and Financial Institutions: Economic Theory, Supervisory Practice, Evidence and Policy

Banks are special, and so is the corporate governance of banks and other financial institutions as compared with the general corporate governance of non-banks. Empirical evidence, mostly gathered after the financial crisis,...

Klaus Hopt
25 September 2017

Fintech and the Financing of Entrepreneurs: From Crowdfunding to Marketplace Lending

For the last decade economists have been preoccupied with the decline in bank financing to small businesses and entrepreneurs. This effort has produced a better understanding of the obstacles to external financing. We examine the...

Mark Fenwick | Joseph McCahery | Erik Vermeulen
06 September 2018

Governance of Financial Services Outsourcing: Managing Misconduct and Third-Party Risks

With financial institutions increasingly outsourcing their activities, they face a record number of fraud and misconduct cases arising from third-party services. We survey financial institutions to better understand which...

Joseph McCahery | F. Alexander de Roode