The Threat of Intervention

One of the fundamental issues in modern corporate finance is the problem of separation of firm ownership from control. The gap between management...Read more

Vyacheslav Fos
Charles Kahn
27 May 2019

Shareholder Conflicts and Dividends

Controlling shareholders may feel tempted to capture benefits for themselves at other shareholders’ expense. For instance, the majority...Read more

Janis Berzins
Øyvind Bøhren
Bogdan Stacescu
06 October 2017


Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) who spoke at the "New Research on Executive Compensation and on Sustainability" conference that took place on the 16-17/12/19 at Bar-Ilan University. The full paper and slides from this presentation can be downloaded here:

23 January 2020