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This conference at King’s College London will bring together standard setters to share experiences and good practices, enhance dialogue, guide scholarship, and shape future stewardship policy through evidence-based recommendations.

Tue 24 September 2019

The conference remembers our late colleague Professor Brigitte Haar who passed away much too early this spring. Brigitte was Professor of Private German, European, and International Business Law at the Goethe University Frankfurt and an ECGI Research Member.

Featured papers

Shareholders and Stakeholders around the World: The Role of Values, Culture, and Law in Directors’ Decisions

Controversies over the right way to handle shareholder and stakeholder relations have never been deeper despite decades of debate. These controversies are not limited to the halls of academia. CEOs of leading U.S. companies flex their corporate muscles for social causes such as gay and...

Amir Licht
Renee Adams
24 June 2019

The Importance of Climate Risks for Institutional Investors

Climate risks have potentially large effects on investors’ portfolio companies. Some companies face direct costs related to changes in the climate, originating from extreme weather events or a general rise in sea levels. Other companies can be negatively affected from policies and regulations...

Philipp Krüger
Zacharias Sautner
Laura Starks
05 July 2019

Active Short Selling By Hedge Funds

Short sellers have been cast as villains throughout history. Perhaps because of this sentiment, investors are often reluctant to disclose short positions. Yet, recent years have seen a new phenomenon: high-profile short selling campaigns by hedge funds. In this paper, we undertake a...

Ian Appel
Jordan Bulka
Vyacheslav Fos
01 July 2019

Regulatory and Market Challenges of Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a way to finance early stage innovations and an ICO represents the first public offering of a crypto-asset. ICOs are supported by Blockchain protocols and are therefore characterized as being decentralized, disintermediated and unregulated. The unregulated...

Pablo de Andrés
David Arroyo
Ricardo Correia
Alvaro Rezola
08 July 2019

Working papers

Managerial Response to Shareholder Empowerment: Evidence from Majority Voting Legislation Changes

This paper studies how managers react to shareholder empowerment vis-à-vis governance provisions. We show that a staggered legislative change that increases noncompliance costs in the implementation of shareholder-initiated majority voting...Read more

Vicente Cuñat
Yiqing Lü
Hong Wu
08 August 2019

Adoption of CSR and Sustainability Reporting Standards: Economic Analysis and Review

This study provides an economic analysis of the determinants and consequences of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability reporting. To frame our analysis, we consider a widespread mandatory adoption of CSR reporting standards in...Read more

Luzi Hail
Christian Leuz
08 August 2019



Prof. Vicente Cuñat presents his paper on "Active Owners and Firm Policies" at the 2019 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Discussion of the paper is then presented by Prof. Oğuzhan Karakaş.

01 August 2019

Prof. Jennifer Hill presents her paper on "Corporate Culture and Liability" at the 2019 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Discussion of the paper is then presented by Prof. Edward Rock

01 August 2019

Prof. Enrichetta Ravina presents her paper on "Investor Ideology" at the 2019 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Discussion of the paper is then presented by Prof. Holger Spamann.

31 July 2019

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