Why Do Private Acquirers Outperform Public Acquirers?

Why Do Private Acquirers Outperform Public Acquirers?

Andrey Golubov, Nan Xiong

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November 17 2016

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November 09 2017
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  • Private Firms • 
  • mergers and acquisitions • 
  • efficiency gains • 
  • agency conflicts

We provide the first evidence on the performance of private operating firms as acquirers. Private bidders experience greater post-acquisition operating performance improvements compared to public bidders.

This effect is not due to differences in target types, merger accounting, financing constraints, private equity ownership or subsequent listing of some private bidders, and is robust to instrumentation. Further analysis of governance arrangements at least partially attributes the private bidder effect to lower agency costs in private firms. Not only do private firms pay lower prices for target firm assets, they also operate them more efficiently by containing overhead costs and capital expenditure.


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Andrey Golubov
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Nan Xiong
SAIF, Shanghai Jiao Tong University