Institutional Investors

Working Paper

Do Institutional Investors Monitor their Large vs. Small Investments Differently? Evidence from the Say-On-Pay Vote

Widely-cited theoretical models predict that large shareholders will monitor man- agement, while small shareholders will free-ride. However, we nd that institution- al investors are particularly likely to oppose management on Say-On-Pay for their...Read more

Miriam Schwartz-Ziv
Russ Wermers
29 January 2018

Institutional Investor Activism in a Context of Concentrated Ownership and High Private Benefits of Control: the Case of Italy

This is a draft chapter for a forthcoming volume, The Research Handbook on Shareholder Power, edited by Randall Thomas and Jennifer Hill (Cheltenham:Edgar Elgar). This chapter describes the experience with activist institutional investors in an...Read more

Luca Enriques
01 January 2014